Smart Military Investor’s Guide on How to Stop Being Broke

This guide on how to stop being broke will detail why the single action of paying yourself first will lead you to financial freedom.

Today is the day to stop being broke. Not in a few weeks when your next direct deposit rolls in or not in a couple of days when your tax return money is paid out, but today.

Do you remember when you went to took the bus to boot camp? You knew what was coming. Screaming drill sergeants. An endless number of pushups. There was no avoiding it. Instead of pushing away the inevitable start of basic training, most of you decided to get your mind right and prepare for your new journey.

Well, imagine me as your new drill sergeant. You can refer to me as Drill Sgt. Cage.

I’m here to tell you that it takes hard work to become a Smart Military Investor. It takes focus, perseverance and a motivation to never be broke.

Step 1: Pay Yourself First

All my other guides are extensive and have many steps to them, but this guide has one step and one step only.

That is, you must always pay yourself first. No matter what the circumstance is, any money you earn must go through you first.

I know. I know. You have bills. You have debt. You may even have a hot investment that you want to make. That’s right, even if you want to invest your money into stocks you better be sure you had paid yourself before that.

Don’t Worry About Budgets

I used love budgets. Budgets are an amazing tool to build wealth, but I can admit to you that I have not used a budget in over three years. A part of that stems from being debt free, but most of it comes from the priority of spending my money on me first.

Because I am my number one priority, my money allocates itself easily. All the cash I make flows from me, to my family, to savings, and then to my investments in that order. I have zero dollars left over usually.

Refuse to Be Broke

I refuse to be broke. Broke people jeopardize the ability to fund the needs of their families, diminish savings, and kill all investment opportunities. Just like how boot camp is the gateway to the military, paying yourself first is the gateway to financial freedom.

Tell yourself in the morning to pay yourself. Tell it to yourself at lunch. Say it again at night before you go to bed. This idea needs to be who you are not just something you do.

If you find a nickel on the ground, a penny of that needs to go to you first.

This is boot camp not band camp. Hunker down. After 8 weeks of following this one step guide, you will have built the most important habit of wealth building.

It’s time to eliminate debt, build wealth and march to financial freedom.

Going Forward…

If you want to learn more about paying yourself first, check out this book. It’s called The Richest Man in Babylon. It is a classic in the personal finance and business book category. I highly recommend reading this. Plus, it only takes about 3 solid hours to read. Click the link below to purchase it directly from Amazon.

The Richest Man in Babylon
By George S. Clason