Smart Military Investor: From Me To You

Some of you may be wondering why you cannot find the store on my site anymore. The answer is because I have completely taken it off my site. When I first started Smart Military Investor, my vision for the website was to create value for people. When it comes to obtaining value, what is better than obtaining it for free? So, going forward I am changing my entire business model for SMI and will be offering all of my expertise for free. 

The evolution of this site is due to these 3 factors:

1. Asking My Readers To Pay For My Service Goes Against My Philosophy

I conquered $80,000 of debt in less than three years because I refused to let anyone or anything take me off my path. If seven years ago, some guy asked me to spend $99 on financial coaching, it would have been a hard and swift "NO" from me. 

I honestly believe that the price points I set for my financial coaching were completely fair. Some of you thought the same. I managed to accumulate almost a dozen clients in less than 60 days. All of you have been exposed to a great knowledge base on personal finance and investing. I know I have contacted you each individually, but I want to reiterate to you that you will be refunded 100% of the money you have paid. On top of that, you will still receive the packages that were promised to you.

I just vehemently refuse to make people pay for a goal that I didn't pay to achieve. Instead, I will be writing weekly columns on this website. I will share investing tips, discuss specific stocks, detail savings plans and much, much more on my site for absolutely free.

2. I Know What I Want In Life

I was given this small piece of advice not too long ago and I believe this is something you all can take with you. So here it is:

"Figure out what you want in life. When you do, make sure every single decision you make is in line with that"

That's it. Just that.

The true story is, I was on pace to have almost 50 clients by June of 2017. That is amazing considering I started this from my own home. The unfortunate part is that I was taking on a huge responsibility of leading people to financial freedom. I love sharing knowledge and helping people, but not at the expense of my time with my family. 

What I want in life is to build enough wealth, so that I can have the freedom to not only witness my kids grow up, but also, experience it for myself. I want to take my wife to places all over the world. I want to be able to have season tickets to the Dallas Cowboys every year. All of those things that I want take a tremendous amount of time to do. Coaching all of you individually would take up too much that time.

Instead of reaching every single one of you individually, I feel like I can better reach you by sharing everything I know right here on the website. So, yes, I do lose money in the short term, but I gain more value in my life in total. And like I stated before, you all get more value because everything is now free. 

3. I want Smart Military Investor to be your number one resource for Investing and Personal Finance

There are so many places on the internet where you can get investing advice. Trust me, I use them everyday. The differences between Smart Military Investor and those other sites is that I break down everything to a point where anyone can understand. 

SeekingAlpha, for example, is a great site, but the investing vocabulary is so advanced it could easily scare away people who are new to investing. Yahoo! Finance is a great website to gather all of a company's financial data and key investing ratios, but if you have never been exposed to those statistics it could be an uphill battle understanding them. Morningstar has built one of the most popular stock rating systems in the world, however, to get the best content you have to subscribe to a premium membership which could drive people away as well. 

What I want to do with Smart Military Investor is the exact opposite of those three sites. I want to create a vast library of Personal Finance and Investing content that finely breaks down concepts to all my readers. On top of that, every topic will have continued conversations on Facebook and Twitter to ensure that you always take something away from every post on my site.

By making people pay for Financial Coaching, I was effectively denying those who chose not to pay a valuable education on how to become financially independent. That limits the impact of Smart Military Investor and does not fall in line with what I want.

At the end of the day, if Smart Military Investor creates a drive in you to pay off your debt, save your money, invest in the stock market and become financially free, it has done its job.

This is what I need from you:

I need your continued support. Continue to read my posts. Continue to share them with you friends and family. Continue to stay engaged with Smart Military Investor on Facebook and Twitter. 

In return, Smart Military Investor will continue to grow and achieve its goal to be the #1 Personal Finance and Investing educational resource on the internet!