The (not so) Secret To How I Created A $2,000 Per Month Pay Raise!

I have never met a person who didn't want or need more money. That yearning for a better life usually leads people to searching for better jobs, starting a small business, working harder for a promotion, or going back to school for a degree. Those are all viable and highly recommended ways to increase your earnings, but there is one way people seem to always overlook and that is becoming a CEO of your own personal finances. 

Like you, I too felt the need to increase my wealth, but unlike most, I did three things before ever venturing  past the four walls of my home. 

  First, I recognized the rat race... 

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It felt like I lived to pay bills. I accumulated over $80,000 in debt after my third year in college. I couldn't even afford to finish my last year. After joining the Air Force, I felt like I was just running a race that went nowhere.  

A rat race.

That feeling that no matter how hard you work or how fast your promote that life wheel is just going nowhere. I was the most discouraging position to be in and it impacted my work performance and personal life at home. Instead of spinning that wheel faster hoping for a different result, I decided to look for a way out. 

 ...then I read everything I could find about personal finance... 

In three months, I read almost 60 personal finance books. Oh yea. I was churning out books at an insane pace. Granted, I was deployed at the time and didn't have normal everyday stresses to deal with beyond work. I was enamored with the stories about people finding success when they too felt overwhelmed with debt. I empathized with these people. There is nothing more motivating than seeing a path to success.

There is one thing to know that you can be a millionaire, it is a totally different thing to know how to be a millionaire.

I read Dave Ramsey, Robert Kiyosaki, Suze Orman, David Bach, Farnoosh Torabi and so many more. I read articles on the internet. I read Facebook and twitter pages. 

I pretty much read everything.  

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  ...and then I put my knowledge into action!

I took everything I learned and put it into action. I created a debt plan. I followed a strict budget as well. Most importantly I had the determination to follow it. In the end, I realized I had just increased my monthly earnings by $2,000 without even getting a second job or going back to school. 

You can imagine what I could do with an extra $24,000 a year! It was the most freeing point of my life and the main driving force that led me to creating Smart Military Investor

I want you to have that feeling! That is the exact value I can provide through my service. Sign up for a free consultation today and get out of that rat race!