3 Habits That Lead to Financial Success

Every successful CEO has a set of habits that sets them apart from the rest. There are a few that you may not even know you have and the amazing part is the military teaches you them. All you have to do now is put them to work for you!

1. Do more with less

How many times has your commander given a speech about being innovative or more efficient? Yes, we have all heard it. Well, I'm here to say that it actually is a great lesson to learn when it comes to personal finance. Put down that $10 Netflix subscription. Slap a few Pb&J's together for lunch. Giving up some of life's niceties for cheaper options is an easy way to save money.

2. Wake Up Earlier

Trumpets blaring. What's that? Yup, that's your Reveille in the form of your iPhone beeping. Have you considered waking up an hour earlier? You already wake up early as it is just to make it to PT on time. Try giving yourself an hour to wake up, hydrate, meditate and start your day for you. Trust me, this will lead to happiness and success.

3. Never Stop Learning

If you already picked up the habit of studying for your next rank, it'll be easy to use that same work ethic to reading books. Try reading a chapter a day, every day. At that rate you would have read the equivalent of almost 19 books by the end of the year. I guarantee you will not be the same person as you were at the beginning of they after reading 19 books!